Friday, November 25, 2016

The Boss

Assalamualaikum and Hye

I had read a lots of article regarding working environment and the impact it would had to their staff. I would consider myself the lucky ones whom for me, I learned from the best in the business. 

It is true when a captions stated, "work because of the boss, not the company", I related myself as someone who had the opportunity to learn, and to work under supervision whom could extract all the hidden talent from a person.

This kind of leader its hard to find. Say you would work until you are 55, how many companies could you jump, and these kind of leader are already scarce, and their qualities are hard to find.

Anyway, my wife always said that I'm his puppy, because until now, his habits had been embedded incautiously inside me. They way he dress, the way he handles people, how he talks, being confidence, don't give a damn about other people who is an asshole, the way he work, the way he plans, and also the way he thinks.

Back then, we would share a cup of coffee if we have the spare time, and that is when we share our ideas, the company plans and also office gossips.

I will always regard him as my mentor, whom taught me so much about the working environment, how to survive in the real working world, and also how to be whom I am right now.

Even though we separated in the most worst condition, but I am sure it is Gods will. Because if it never happen, I would stuck in a situation where I could not fulfill my full potential.

Anyway, I will always be thankful for him, even though I would really like to be under his tutelage for at least another 6-7 years.

Maybe it is also depend to the person. Ex-colleague had been working under him for almost 12-15 years, but they still remain the same person without any wings to unfold.

Oh well, maybe I'm just emotional.

  When Lisa is too afraid watching the sharks eating Nemo siblings...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Understanding and Learning..

Assalamualaikum and Hye, 

I am on a writing streak. Forgive the language or sentences. I did not proof check after writing up. 

Sometimes I need time to understand and learn something. All of us do. But there is also a person who only need to watch, learn and listen once, they already knew what to do. This is kind of people do exists, but its a rare catch. 

Anyway, this blog is not for Mensa reader. I am talking about the normal people like me, whom by people standard, we are just normal, but do remember that God made us special in a certain way. 

Sarah always mentioned to me, when I am watching a movie, she would go, "You tengok cerita ni macam tak pernah tengokkan? Padahal movie ni dah dekat 25 kali you layan.." Yes, that is my habit. I have a few favorite movies that I watch, watch, watch, and watch again. Sometimes, after watching the tenth times, than, I would get what is the plot, what is the dialogue and what are they actual means. 

Understanding and learning also imply to work. But everyone knows how to survive in the working environment. To those who have the survival skills, they will survive where ever they go. They will bring positive impact, change the mood, and even dictate to the company policy in some sort. 

Understand and learning also imply in everyday chores. Driving as an example, the highway you drive everyday to work, by now you had learn the curves, the bumps, the speed that you could max out, or even other drivers that are also using the highway. The other drivers might be the same person you had met in the same highway everyday. So that, in this case, their behavior are predictable. Well for me it make sense. Maybe not others. 

Another example, had you been driving everyday at an average speed of 170km/j, that everything pass by u so slow. That is not because you are the king of speed or what other poyo statement, but practicing everyday on the same road, at the same speeds for years makes you perfect. But accident do happen, so be wise. You are no Vestappen. 

This what happens when you have too many rabbits at home

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rejections and Failure

Assalamualaikum and hye,

Sometimes when I look at Lisa, my nephew and nieces, they all live in a world of their own. They might not know how we as parents struggle, how we tried to put up with their tantrums, or even how we live our own lives until the end. 

Being a parent myself, I had understand how hard our parents tried to bring us up as a human beings. Trying to put a meal on the dinner table, toys for us, clothes, gadgets or even our underwear. It not an easy task. But what is the best thing we can do? Pray for them. I am sure what we had face in this current situation, they might had faced the same fucking problem. 

Also, not only our parents shape us what we had became, our aunties, uncles, bibiks or what ever, they also played a major role into our upbringings. So it always come back to me that, always remember them in our prayers. 

Part of life is growing OLDER. It makes sense now. Sometimes we complaint we had small pay, stupid jobs, crazy colleagues, or better, everything seems against us. Why? 

I would like to recall my time again at UM. As to whom knew my life, UM is a place where there is no bottom and ups for me, but what make it difference is the people surrounding me. When everything seems to be against you, sometimes you even complaint about God not being fair to you, but God do sent other human beings to help you around. 

A roommate of mine Nik Sai, always remind me, God will not test out of a person limit. It is true, because I am one of the person who kept being rejected and failure in a lot sort of way in UM. But the magic came from my parents, siblings, classmates, close friends and even the best lecturer I ever had Dr. Azuan. With out him, maybe I ended being some one who has no vision or striving capabilities. 

Being rejected even being on the peak of your career is always a big blow out to my self esteem. But maybe that is the way how God makes you realize that you are fucking nobody, but I do realize that if you remember Him more, prostrate to Him, ask Him, He would give back to you. Either you realize it or not. 

Being rejected is not the end of the world, YES it hurts, but I do have to let it go. God might had better plans for me. He had planned it since the creation of the universe. 

Anyway, I should learn my lesson when I was at UM. Maybe its time God tried to put me down back and remember Him... 

What is better having a kid to give you high blood pressure?? 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When things don't come EASY..

Assalamualaikum and Hye..

Could you believe that it had been more than 12 months from my last post? I am sure no one is reading it, so ini cerita dalam blog ini lebih kepada syok sendiri.

Lisa is 2.5 years, me working in a same company more than two years which is a record already, and still things don't come easy in life. 

Why? Because when I do observe the people surrounding me, some of them get things so easy. It could be a new job, new car, new wife [HAHAHAHA], and some of them seems life is so easy. But I do learn that that is not the case. We might not know what the hardship he or her had endure, the sacrifice he or she had faced, or the challenges they had gone through. 

Anyway, I had faced this situation since zaman UM lagi. Politeknik years flies like an F-22. No pressure, no issues. Apa maw issue kalau kasut yang di supply oleh kakak sendiri tidak boleh kurang dari RM500? No issues at Politeknik. But, when I entered UM, all the bottom lows I had felt. Maybe nak lagi hebat, mungkin kena buat Master and PHD at UM. 

So when EASY life does not comes to me, I understand. It just my wife and I always experience until now. But the hard thing is controlling the temper and frustration. Syaitan dan iblis sangat sangat la membisik pada telinga supaya mengamuk, sakit hati, iri hati dsb. The best thing is? Reset the mind dan sentiasa bersyukur apa yang Allah telah beri. Rezeki tuhan yang beri. No one else. You have to do the ground work, and the rest let God decide. 

Anyway, be positive, try to smile and let see what tomorrow comes. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Orang Buta

Assalamualaikum and hye.

I dunno why my pictures on my blog tetiba hilang. Tak bayar fees kat Google gamaknya. Anyway, I suddenly want to share what happen to me dengan orang buta.

This is a old story, and I don't even tell my wife about it. Some stories you keep to yourself, but today I just felt like sharing it.

Back then I was working with Boon Edam. Most of my site was at KL Sentral. I was handling 4 project at that time and maintenance cost was crazy. The parking most of it. Back then, parking is something I couldn't claim. Its just the rule.

So being at KL Sentral everyday I had my favorite spot for having my breakfast. The mamak shop under the pedestrian bridge, and a malay eatery at the end of the row nearby 7-11.

At this Malay shop, akan ada sentiasa orang buta makan. And a few occasion, I would just observe them. What they do, what they talk to their partner [I know eavesdropping is bad], how they move around etc.

Sometimes, I will quietly pay for them. I will just walk to the cashier and said I will pay for the person meal.

One morning, as usual, having my breakfast at this shop a blind person walks in. He ordered 3 sandwiches and a mee soto or something for his breakfast. I do know that in my wallet there is only around RM 30 [more or less], being an engineer doesn't earn much okay! Lagi-lagi parking bayar sendiri, so 10% of your pay dah buat untuk parking.

Tak kisah laa, so dah niat nak belanja orang, so I called the waiter to kira kira my food [shouldn't be more than RM 5] and I cakap kat waiter tu kira sekali makanan orang buta tu. The waiter pull out his calculator and kirakan makanan orang buta sebelah meja I nih, and suddenly dia kirakan sekali makanan orang buta [husband and wife] kat meja depan. I tak perasan ada lagi orang buta because I was behind them. I don't mind paying for them too but I have only RM 30 in my wallet!

Time tu dah nervous. Takkan nak cakap kat waiter tu, jangan kira orang depan tu. Nak belanje orang kena laa ready duit. In that moment I was praying to Allah, tolonglah cukupkan duit aku ini, janganlah malukan hamba mu ini kerana niat aku hendak menolong orang lain.

And the waiter was pressing so many numbers, I dah cuakkkk. But suddenly, guess what, Tuhan maha kaya. Takkan malukan hambanya yang ingin membantu orang lain. Waiter tu cakap, okay abang semua RM 28. FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh..........

I do believe that Allah akan tolong hamba dia, in anyway. At least aku tak malukan diri sendiri time tu. The money I earn every month its not for me 100%. I know that it also meant to be for someone else in need.

Just doa kepada Allah, murah rezeki, and yakin laa in time of need, He will help you. Lots of experience in my life that makes me stronger there is no GOD than Allah, and only He could help you when you are in dire needs. InsyAllah.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014


assalamualaikum and hye..

Dah 7 bulan aku jadi ayah. Ingat senang ke jadi ayah? Selain tanggungjawb hakiki sebagai ayah, sometimes you have to be a super dad kalau nak survive dalam perujuangan ini. Mcm battle of the bulge juga. Contohnya:

1. Jadi ayah kena ada mata infra-red, night vision dan juga visualasi yang tinggi dalam bilik gelap. Sesekali nak cucuk puting dalam mulut anak dalam gelap bukan senang. Sekali cucuk masuk hidung melalak lisa. Timing penting sebelum anak ko menjerit pukul 3 pagi, baik ko ada night vision eyes yang bleh sumbat puting skali cuba.

2. Ayah kena jadi Flash. Ko ingat rumah dua tingkat senang? Pastikan stamina tinggi utk smpi ke bilik dalam masa 5 saat sebelum anak ko tahu dia tido sorang-sorang.

3. Ayah kena ada telinga bionic. Baby CCTV? Tak perlu ada. Kalau ada duit nak juga aku beli satukan. Tpi jadi ayah kena pastikan tahu beza anak org sebelah, anak org belakang dan anak kucing yang ngangis. Kalau tak penat je lari turun bawah.

4. Ayah kena jadi maid. Kalau yg ada maid kat umah tak aci. Since tanggungjawab rumah juga jatuh kepada ayah kalau tak mampu bela tukang gaji, pastikan jadual membasuh, mengemas, menyapu, menyususun, melipat sudah ada dalam otak.

5. Ayah kena jadi superman. Ini kes aku dah kalah. Ayah tak boleh injured. Aku dah injured. Maybe ACL sebelah kiri pulak. So ayah TAK BOLEH injured.

6. Ayah kena jadi psychologist. Tak yah buat Phd. Buat anak sudah. Kalau tak boleh handle anak tu, ada je aku rasa nak gantung kat kipas.

7. Ayah kena jadi pakar tido. Kalau anak ko setiap malam tido kul 12, bilanya maw siap keje rumah?? So pastikan ada skill tido kan anak sblm 9pm. Extra time boleh main badminton dgn isteri. hahahah.

8. Ayah kena jadi punching bag. Sbb wife kadang kala goes boink sbb bukan senang jadi ibu, So kalau kena tumbuk mental and emosi tuh, ready je. Jgn rebah. baru Ultras. heheh

9. Ayah kena jadi ninja. Jangan ko berani bising spt jatuhkan barang atau batuk kuat-kuat. Anak bangun ko mampos. Sila pumping 100 kali.

10. Ayah kena jadi GPS. Kalau ada emergency pastikan semua dalam otak. Tak boleh terhegeh-hegeh lagi. Kalau tak mmg anak ko elok2 boleh tahan sejam tanpa ragam, akan melalak sbb ko sesat jalan or jam nak ke hospital.

11. Ayah kena jadi PM. Sometimes executive decision in the family agak sukar dilakukan when it comes to responsibility.

12. Ayah kena jadi binatang yang comel. Kadang-kadang anak suka bapak jadi singa laut, badak sumbu, walrus dan sebagainya. Jadi laa binatang ini supaya anak gelak, siap dengan suara lagi.

13. Ayah kena jadi hulk. Kalau anak ko dah 7kg, macho mcm mana, bicep besar mana, pegang sejam dah lenguh. so pastikan buat muka tahan jee kalau lenguh pun.

Walaupun ada list 13 nih, jasa ibu / isteri anda tidak tertanggung. Lagi bnyk gangguan emosi dan mental berbanding ayah. So sayangi isteri anda, dan juga ingat jasa ibu anda. So jangan laa perasan jadi ayah ini hebat,


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Future Tense..

Assalamualaikum and hye..

First of all pray for MH17, MH370, GAZA and also pray for Malaysia..

Its been a hot month. Ramadhan pulak tuh. Dugaan. Selamat berpuasa. I have been nostalgic again. Cant help it. Is it the sign that I am getting old? Anak baru satu. Uban baru je sehelai dua.

Maybe because a few weeks ago, my best friend, Khalisa godmomma got married with her love life. Then my room mate for life Nik Sai came down to KL and spend the holidays at my house. Again you cant take away the "UM" nostalgia from you.

One of my best buddy Siddiq also got married. Majlis penuh dengan makanan. Macam pesta. I couldn't get enough from the food. Perut dah tak macam dulu. Kalau dulu aku yakin, I will be eating sampai Azan Asar.

Biomed 2005 and their extended families. Aku pegang anak arina. Bakal menantu org kata. haahahha

Lisa meragam sampai tak sempat amik gambar personal dengan Alinur n Azim. Crapp... Anyway Lisa dah ada godmomma and godgrandmomma. hahahahahah.

Pose budak-budak Biomed adalah wajib. I just couldn't miss majlis Sid. I have to come even though Sarah is 8++ months pregnant and the South bound traffic is like hell. Semoga Nik Sai (beside me) ketumu jodoh dengan segera... 

Bergambar dengan Sid and Mas sebelum dia femes. At least ada proof kenal Sid sebelum dia jadi retis.  Support Sid at 

For those who don't know, I had a baby girl ++2 months ago. Yes, its not on FB. I don't feel like advertising her yet. hahaha. But I don't mind my friends or family who posted her pictures. Anyway, thanks for those who came down for the majlis aqiqah. Seronok okay orang ramai turun kat nilai.

Thanks to Sid Retis yang datang sehari sebelum majlis aqiqah pada pukul 11 malam semata mata untuk menunaikan janjinya untuk lepak dengan aku. Dengan mata terkatup-katupnya, we still do have a very fruitful discussion about life. And thanks to Sid Retis jugalah yang datang pagi-pagi kat rumah aku tolong angkat kerusi and sapu sampah, kaut rumput dan juga menjadi photographer sambilan. hehe.

Combination of Lisa talking to me in the morning.
Lisa when she has nothing to say.
When Mike met Lisa.
Majlis Aqiqah Lisa and Zhariff. Pity Zhariff was admitted to HKL the day before.

Mari ramai-ramai botakkan Lisa. 

I hope that Lisa will pursue her studies in UM, just like her father, mother, aunts, uncles, granduncles, grandaunts, and friends of her fathers and mothers. Maybe, she would take pictures at the iconic yearly numbers in front of DTC. UM for life okay!

UM 2011
It took me 2 weeks to complete this post. A lot had happen since then. I am looking in a new venture and I hope that it will last me longer than 2 years. hehe.