Friday, November 25, 2016

The Boss

Assalamualaikum and Hye

I had read a lots of article regarding working environment and the impact it would had to their staff. I would consider myself the lucky ones whom for me, I learned from the best in the business. 

It is true when a captions stated, "work because of the boss, not the company", I related myself as someone who had the opportunity to learn, and to work under supervision whom could extract all the hidden talent from a person.

This kind of leader its hard to find. Say you would work until you are 55, how many companies could you jump, and these kind of leader are already scarce, and their qualities are hard to find.

Anyway, my wife always said that I'm his puppy, because until now, his habits had been embedded incautiously inside me. They way he dress, the way he handles people, how he talks, being confidence, don't give a damn about other people who is an asshole, the way he work, the way he plans, and also the way he thinks.

Back then, we would share a cup of coffee if we have the spare time, and that is when we share our ideas, the company plans and also office gossips.

I will always regard him as my mentor, whom taught me so much about the working environment, how to survive in the real working world, and also how to be whom I am right now.

Even though we separated in the most worst condition, but I am sure it is Gods will. Because if it never happen, I would stuck in a situation where I could not fulfill my full potential.

Anyway, I will always be thankful for him, even though I would really like to be under his tutelage for at least another 6-7 years.

Maybe it is also depend to the person. Ex-colleague had been working under him for almost 12-15 years, but they still remain the same person without any wings to unfold.

Oh well, maybe I'm just emotional.

  When Lisa is too afraid watching the sharks eating Nemo siblings...

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